Battery Light

RM 110.00


* Very handy and portable.
* Brightest handheld tube.
* Depending on the size, can use over 2 days continuously.
* Function across most of the working environment.
* Many accessories to sooth the working procedures and emergency requirements


Portable | Wireless | Bright
  • *Very handy and portable
  • *Brightest handheld tube
  • *Dimmable with Strobe and SOS functions
  • *Very handy and portable
  • *Depending on the size, can use
    over 2 days continuously
  • *Function across most of the
    working environment
  • *Many accessories to sooth the working
    procedures and emergency requirements
Function Description

Use as Portable Light

Switch (RED) Switch (BLACK) Emergency Light Status and Function Description
Not Applicable OFF (0) Light Off
Not Applicable ON (1) Light On

Connecting to city power (use as emergency and normal LED lighting source)

Switch (RED) Switch (BLACK) Emergency Light Status and Function Description
OFF (0) OFF (0) Light Off (not charging as well)
ON (1) ON (1) Light On (red indicator light on, emergency status, light on when AC power cut)
Attention: Green light on when battery is fully charged.
OFF (0) ON (1) Light On (battery not charging, non emergency status)
Attention: use battery power, not AC.
ON (1) OFF (0) Light On (battery charging, non emergency status, used as normal LED light)
Attention: AC power, light off when AC power cut.
Battery capacity 88mAh
Usable Time 3.5-4.5 Hrs
Luminous >1000lm
Estimate Wattage >8.5W~9.5W
Weight 512g
Impressive features
  • Safe low voltage working, camping and emergency lighting
  • Very handy and portable (340/215mm)
  • Brightest handheld tube with dimmable, strobe and SOS functions
  • The low mode of operation can be used around 53 hours continuously with 65 lm 
  • Function across most of the working environment
  • Many accessories to soothe the working pressures and emergency requirements
  • Fast charging using 2A charger
Unique features
  • Like a normal and short T8 tube with more aluminum for heat dissipating giving a very comfortable lighting environment
  • Using common 18650 battery to reduce cost (8800/4400 mAh)
  • Packing is flexible to include charger and other accessories, eg USB cable
  • Accordingly, the cost could be reduced as a lot of customers have their own charger with DC5V 1A/2A


  • We are not torchWe are not torch
  • We are real safe Multiapplication Wireless Lighting with low voltage
  • Applicable in various difficult working environments/home settings/exterior/camping/emergency /car fixing/ boating situations
  • Buying one light is equal to having lot of different lights
  • We have the brightness light in the market
  • We have long usable time
  • We have shortest charging time by using 2A chargers with high quality USB cable
  • Cross age/market group could use them easily and comfortably
  • Portable, handy, solid and simple industrial design
  • Stable and best quality
  • With functional accessories
  • Fashionable packaging
  • Signature packaging can combine different use of accessories
  • *For Work
  • *For Party
  • *Camping Light
  • *Cabinet Light
  • *For Emergency
  • *For Exterior
  • *For Car Fix
  • *Carrying Belt
  • *USB Cable
  • *Waterproof Bag
  • *Red PC Cover
  • *Belt
  • *Reflector
  • *Silicone end cap
  • *Iron Sticker
  • *Clamp
  • *Suction cup
  • *Multi functional Stand
  • *Eva Box
Very comfortable to use as a normal light tube and also could be used for
  • Camping (with magic tape) 
  • Boating
  • Working
  • Party and emergency (with colored cover)
  • Car-fixing
  • Exterior
  • Home uses
Practical applications
  • Storage room or basement
  • Car
  • Emergency
  • Exterior
  • Home
  • Camping
  • Party
  • Working
Application Area
  • Home lights
  • Camping
  • Mountain Climbing
  • Cycling
  • Emergency
  • Travelling
  • Warning
  • Blackout
  • Strobe lights
  • etc
Flexible in holding MAL 
  • anywhere with iron element surface by using powerful magnet
  • hanging on any rack with the carrying belt/strap or magic tape
  • Rough surface with multifunction stand
  • Standing on table
  • handheld