Company Profile

Radiantgreen is the brand owned by Radiant Trade Sdn Bhd which is focused on marketing green and energy saving products. Our products are local made but design by Japan. We specialize in LED Lighting retrofit programme for Commercial, Industrial and Residential buildings to minimize the cost with the same usage. Radiantgreen is committed to marketing products that is of the highest quality & reliability. And most importantly, we are dedicated to ensure that our customers are fully satisfies with our products. It is our passion to help more people to discover the immense benefits of our technology and take part in making our mother earth a better place to live for our next generation. Radiantgreen is currently distributing the LED products in Malaysia and South-East Asia. Our product range includes wide range of LED products such as Light Tube, Light Bulb, Down Light, Flood Light, High Bay, Street Light and more.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the leader in harnessing the benefits of our products to bring better health to people and thus enhancing their lives.

Light Up for Better Health and Enhancing Life.

Company Background

Radiantgreen is the brand owned by Radiant Trade Sdn Bhd, a LED lighting manufacturer established in 2012, started off as marketing arm for Zoomic Automation Malaysia Sdn Bhd. During the same period, the awareness and acceptance of LED lighting product started to grow quite significantly in Malaysia as well as South East Asia.

We were jointly exploring the LED lighting market requirement and together we were earmarked to take up the responsibilities for sourcing, development and supply of the required product by our customers. With the responsibility given, we had started to develop our T8 direct retrofitting tube. After many rounds of extensive and vigorous development and testing, finally we have successfully come out with an innovative T8 tube with full acceptance. It was a tube with which allows full compatibility with the existing conventional magnetic ballast wiring with high level of safety, efficiency and protection feature which enhances the reliability of the tube in wide range of end user application requirements.

With experience garnered from our manufacturer, knowledge on the LED tube development, our manufacturer’s R&D team starts to branch out into their industrial and commercial LED lighting products. Such as street light, high bay, flood light, bulb and intelligent LED lighting control system.