Radiant Green is an LED lighting brand wholly owned by Radiant Trade Sdn. Bhd. We are a devoted team that focuses in sales and marketing of various LED lighting products. Radiant Trade Sdn. Bhd. pushes the limit of the technology to create energy uses of the utmost quality. With the highest of ethical standards and pure dedication to excellence in all operational aspect, we aspire to exceed our customer’s expectation.

At most cases, Radiant Green LED Product can help your business to Save as much as Below

Estimate Cost Saving

RM 0
Per Year
RM 0
Per Day & Per Pcs
RM 0
In 5 Years
Note:     * Result Based on – 12 hours (8am – 8pm)     * Return of Investment is calculated on 5 years basis.     * Terms & Conditions applied.

Comparison between LEDs, CFLs and Incandescent light bulbs

Watts Usage (Equivalent 100watts)

LED Lighting (with 50,000 hours projected lifespan)
Compact Fluorescent Lighting (with 10,000 hours projected lifespan)
Incandescent lighting (with 1,200 hours projected lifespan)

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